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Why Does My Car Overheat?

Why does my car overheat?

There are many reasons that can cause your car to overheat but one of the more common reasons is due to a cooling issue.

Your car will likely have a cooling system that consists of a water pump, thermostat, radiator some pipes and it is all responsible for circulating coolant around the engine to keep everything cool and within a specified temperature range.

When you car overheats is usually one of these components that fails.

Your cars cooling system is a fairly basic system, not to dissimilar to your home heating. you can find out how it works by clicking on the link below.

Its not likely that you will prevent your car from overheating but there are things you can check regularly to help.

- Regular servicing - Servicing will often check the cooling system as well as the concentration level of the coolant / antifreeze to make sure its providing you with adequate protection in the winter and summer months.

- Check your coolant / antifreeze level on a regular basis and top it up if required.

- If you are having to top it up regularly then there might be a leak. Its easier and usually much cheaper to resolve a small leak than fixing an engine that has overheated.

- Check if the water pump has a recommended replacement interval and get it changed as advised.

- Make sure you use the correct coolant / antifreeze for your car. Putting the incorrect fluid in can often cause more damage so its super important to make sure you are using the correct stuff.

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