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Why Does My Car Keep Cutting Out?

Cars are ever increasingly more complicated with pressure on manufacturers to make cars as economical as possible along with the fast pace technology fixing cars can require in-depth knowledge of IT systems as well as old school mechanics. Your not on your own when it comes to being frustrated when your car brakes down unexpectedly and one of the most frustrating is when your car cuts out leaving you stranded.

5 commo reasons your car will cut out, and what to do to get it sorted.

  1. Faulty Sensors. Your car will likely have lots of sensors and these can fail causing a break in communication to the main computer or ECU of the car. If the incorrect or no information is being given then your car will likely cut out. This can sometimes be accompanied by an engine management warning light on the dash so it will require a diagnostic to look into which sensor could be at fault. Often we find when sensors are at fault they car be intermittent prior to full failure so if you have an issue its best to get it checked sooner rather than later.

  2. Faulty Fuel Pump/Fuel System. So, obviously your car needs fuel to go but the fuel has to get from the tank to the engine. Possible causes of your car cutting out could be a problem within the fuel system or the pump that is responsible for pumping fuel from the tank to the engine. It could also be a blocked fuel filter.

  3. Empty Fuel Tank - Or Broken fuel gauge. If your car has ran out of fuel, likelihood is its going to cut out. But its worth keeping an eye on your fuel level gauge too. If this is not reading correctly then it may mislead you into thinking you have more fuel in the tank than you actually do.

  4. Alternator Issues - An alternator charges the car battery whilst the vehicle is running by using a rubber spinning pulley to generate energy. Essentially, the alternator turns mechanical energy into electrical energy, to be used in many of the car’s functions. Many people think that it is the battery that provides all the power but in reality, the alternator supplies all the energy for the operations of the car. When your alternator fails it can cause your car to cut out.

  5. Faulty Ignition Switch - In some cases, a faulty ignition switch can cause your car to shut off while driving. The ignition switch is installed behind the ignition lock and get’s turned while you turn the key to start the car. Inside of this switch, there are small metal plates that can build up corrosion and rust. If this happens, one of these plates may lose connection, and the whole ignition will get switched off. This will also cause the whole engine to shut off immediately. Luckily this is pretty easy to check if this is the case. When the car shuts down – check if these are still lights/ignition lights on your dashboard. If the dashboard instrument is completely dead – there is a big chance that there is a faulty ignition switch.

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