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When did you check yours?

Updated: Feb 11

1 in 5 Vehicles Have Dangerously Low Oil Levels

Check your oil level

  • Previous research found nearly half of all cars require a top-up and that the oil level was dangerously low in 20% of cars. 

  • Furthermore, 47% of motorists don’t check their oil regularly enough and 27% don’t check their oil at all.

  • With many motorists not having their vehicle checked by a professional technician for an extended period, it's likely more cars than normal will be running with low oil levels.

  • Low oil can cause serious engine damage. At its most extreme damage can be so extensive that a complete engine rebuild is required

  • Examples of problems caused by low oil include:

  • ​Big end bearing failure, as they wear out and seize, they could eventually break and burst through the side of the engine block

  • Main crankshaft breakage

  • Camshaft damage

When did you check your oil

Car Friend can offer a FREE oil check as part of our health check, you can book in by calling us on 01543 276060, Alternatively if you have gone more than 12 months or 10k miles why not take advantage of our JULY OFFER and book a service and get freebies & discounts with any service.

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