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Top 5 MOT Myths - BUSTED

When it comes to car maintenance it can be a little daunting with everything to remember, From MOT, Tax & insurance to the annual service it soon adds up on your 'to do' list. So you can be forgiven for not knowing the MOT rules and regulations, after all that's why you choose us to take the stress away and let you focus on the more important parts of motoring.

When it comes to MOT day, its an anxious time for most. We thought we would look at the most common MOT Myths so you can stay in the drivers seat knowing more than your average motorist.

So - Here are the TOP 5 MOT Myths - Busted! Just for you!

  1. 71% of Motorists didn't realise that running out of water in the screen wash bottle will result in a Fail on your MOT - Top yours up before presenting it for MOT to avoid this annoying fail.

  2. 60% of Motorists didn't know that stickers on your windscreen, more importantly those that obstruct the drivers view can & will result in an MOT fail. Remove those stickers!

  3. 33% of Motorists thought that a window not opening would result in a fail, but this isn't the case!

  4. 31% of Motorists didn't realise that having damaged windscreen wipers will result in an MOT fail!

  5. 25% of Motorists thought their car would pass an MOT without a registration plate.

Meanwhile, 16 percent didn’t know that an expired MOT puts them at risk of invalidating their car insurance.

When asked why they had driven without an MOT, 64 percent of drivers said they had forgotten when the test was due. Two-thirds of drivers (33 percent), believed there’s a grace period for driving without an MOT. There isn’t.

It’s worth remembering that we offer a free MOT reminder service. We just need the car’s registration number and a phone number or email address.

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