• Gemma Friend

Behind The Name .....

We often get asked about our name, Sometimes people think its cute "your my car's friend" Others think its funny (if you have ever watched the inbetweeners you will understand) but actually its mainly because of our surname - Friend! but all the others are awesome reasons too!

2012 - Car Friend was born. Through passion and determination to make the garage industry one to be proud off. It was always our mission to make a difference and set ourselves apart and is the ethos behind everything we do, Everyday! We, Matt & Gem (together both at work and at home) love everything we do and apart from when its really really cold we love coming to work.

Making a difference to our customers by being open and honest is how we have gained trust and grown our customer base over the years and its the reason we are multi award winners in our industry and are supper proud of our reputation and our amazing reviews that we get from our customers. But we didn't get here without hard work and with the help of our amazing team. Small we may be with just 5 of us working here we have build up some lasting relationships with out customers that we hope will continue for years to come.

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