Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked all sorts of questions but here are some of the most frequently asked. If you have a question for us please don't hesitate to give us a call, one of our friendly team members is always on hand and happy to help.

How can I pay? 

We have a variety of payment options to suit all budgets. We take all major credit and debit cards as well as cash and bank transfer. We also have payment solutions for spreading the cost of your repair bills find out here on our payment options page. 

Where are you? 

We are based in the village of Norton Canes - just of the A5 near Cannock. To find us search google maps for 'Car Friend' and the directions should bring you straight to our door. Our full address is Unit 9 Norton Canes Business Park, Norton Green Lane, Norton Canes, Cannock WS11 9SS. 

What Makes & Models do you service & repair?

We service and repair all makes and models. We have a good relationship with our suppliers to get parts and our transferable knowledge means we can adapt our skills to suit all makes. You may be surprised to know that a lot of manufacturers use parts from all makes for example Mini use BMW & Mazda use Ford parts :-) it gets a bit confusing at times but that's what makes us the experts

Can you fit parts supplied by me? 

Car Friend's policy is not to fit parts that have been supplied by our customers rather than our own suppliers. This policy is in place for two reasons; firstly safety always our number one priority when carrying out work, we want to be sure that we can ensure the integrity of the parts, and secondly because we provide a warranty with most of our work, this ensures clear responsibility under warranty if there are problems in the future with the product or service.

Whats the difference between a service & an MOT?

MOT is a legal requirement for cars aged 3 years and over - MOT checks that the vehicle is safe on the road and also that it passes strict regulations in terms of emissions. MOT is a basic safety check. 

Car Servicing is recommended at regular intervals usually annually or every 12,000 miles depending on which comes first, to maintain the condition and road worthiness of your vehicle. The Service itself is set out by your vehicle's manufacturer, and includes a more in-depth mechanical assessment of your car.


Regular servicing will keep your car running smoothly, as well as prolonging its lifespan and maintaining its value when you come to sell. However, unlike the MOT test, Car servicing is not required by law. Our service vary depending on the needs of your vehicle, Things we look at when your service is due are age, mileage and usage - towing a caravan for example. Our expert team have the tools and the knowledge to make sure you get the best service for your car at the best price - Most of our services are fixed price. We can even offer dealer specific services if your car is still in warranty. We are usually lots cheaper than the dealer and we will maintain your history and warranty too. Find our more here.

What Parts will you fit? 

All our parts come from reputable brands. We offer lots of different options and we always make sure we get the best prices. For some parts we can offer different qualities to ensure you can make the right choice. For example ; Brakes - OE quality parts mean original equipment so these are brands that the manufacturer would use or Aftermarket - still good quality parts that often come with warranty or a guarantee but tend to be a cheaper alternative. 

Will work that is done come with a warranty? 

Simple answer is Yes! It all depends on what work is carried out and with what parts. Batteries for example come with a minimum of a three year warranty. Brakes often come with a three year or 10,000 mile warranty depending on the make of parts fitted. For more specific warranties speak to one of our friendly team. 

My car needs more work than I thought what will you do?

We have a very strict policy when it comes to this sort of thing. We NEVER do any additional work without your say so. We often advise before work starts of any potential issues that might crop up along the way. Our experience has taught us that our customers would rather know the big picture so can prepare for all possible outcomes. Equally upon collection of your car we know its much nicer when you get the bill you are expecting or for it to be cheaper than the other way round! You are always in control when it comes to repairs on your car. 

Find out more information by reading our latest blog posts here.

We hope this has helped you with some of the more common questions we get asked but if not - please call us and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.