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Why Servicesure?

Car Friend is proud to be part of the network of Servicesure Autocentres. being part of a quality network of independent garages and workshops across the UK really makes a difference to our business and for our customers. 

All Servicesure garages are signed up to a Customer Service Charter and a recognised Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider.

The network of garages are regularly audited, giving customers peace of mind when it comes to the quality of service we offer.

All Servicesure Autocentres are committed to maintaining high standards covering car service and repair. We pride ourselves on providing quality service at affordable prices.

A Quality Garage Network

Why choose a Servicesure Autocentre over a franchised dealer? Did you know that in October 2003 changes in European legislation means that is it now possible to have your car serviced at an independent garage without invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty? This legislation is referred to in the trade as Block Exemption Regulations.

Before Block Exemption was introduced it was very difficult for motorists to maintain their warranty unless the vehicle was serviced at a franchised dealer. Now car owners have the freedom to choose who can look after their vehicle and more choice means better prices for customers.

 As your Servicesure Autocentre we have the required technical capability, knowledge and parts to carry out service and repairs to any manufacturer’s specification. So customers can expect the same level of service but with significant cost savings over franchised dealers. The Office of Fair Trading reports that an average service costs £199 at a typical franchised dealer, whereas at an independent garage, it is £119, saving in excess of 33%.

Why Servicesure?

Whilst the majority of garages are reputable and carry out servicing and repairs to reasonable standards, there is still a minority that do not meet the standards of mechanical skill and knowledge, customer care, health and safety and good business practice.


A Servicesure Autocentre is part of a quality garage network made up of members who are committed to not only meeting these standards, but surpassing all customer expectations.

When customers visit a Servicesure Autocentre they know their vehicle is in safe hands.


Servicesure garages ensure all vehicles are looked after by qualified professional technicians who really care. All our garage members operate to a strict set of business practices laid out in our Customer Service Charter and are affiliated to a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider who can step in should a servicing issue arise.


We are so confident of our care that our servicing and repairs are backed by our market leading National Warranty. Being Part of the Servicesure network means we are accredited to The Motor Ombudsman, who are approved, monitored and audited by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).

You can find out more about Servicesure by visiting their website